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If you are looking to purchase a new build home, our residential conveyancing team can quickly and expertly handle the paperwork, leaving you to enjoy your new home.

For many people, nothing is more exciting than opening the door to a fresh new home that has never been lived in and knowing that they are now the proud first owners. If you are looking to purchase a new home or are having problems with your recent property purchase, our new build conveyancing team can quickly and expertly take care of matters, leaving you to enjoy your new home.

The team at Triangle Legal Services has been taking care of residential property new build purchase transactions in the Central and Greater London area, as well as throughout the rest of the UK, for many years. 

Our firm has a constant, stable presence in the area, and we have developed trusted relationships with estate agents, valuers, mortgage lenders and advisors, all of whom we can call on for additional support if required. We understand that developers often have tight deadlines, and some of the paperwork you receive may seem daunting. Our solicitors will guide you through all the fine print, making sure you feel completely confident and comfortable throughout the new build purchase process.

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How long does conveyancing on a new build take?

The typical conveyancing timeline for a new build property is around 28 days from when the property is reserved to the completion date. 

This can vary depending on factors like:

  • How far along the construction is when you reserve
  • If any issues are identified during the conveyancing checks
  • Timelines and responsiveness of all parties involved (developer, lenders, etc.)

While the process aims to be completed within 28 days due to developer deadlines, experienced conveyancers can often request extensions if there are legitimate delays. It’s important to have an experienced new build solicitor who can properly manage the tight timelines.

The New Build Conveyancing Process

Our new build solicitors carry out several tasks during the new build conveyancing process. These include:

  • Ensuring the necessary planning consents have been obtained and any conditions attached to the consent have been met or performed
  • Checking relevant building papers to ensure the home has been built to the required standard.
  • Ensuring all relevant NHBC inspections have been completed.
  • Checking the developer has provided a structural guarantee or a new build warranty.
  • Ensuring the local authority has agreed to take over the estate’s roads and footpaths.
  • Making sure all rights of way, easements, and sewer, water and drainage information have been correctly documented.

Problems can also occur during the new build buying process if the completion of your property is delayed or there are inconsistencies between what was set down in the pre-construction plan and the actual finished structure. 

Regardless of the issues that arise from your new build property purchase, our solicitors have a) seen it before and b) know exactly how to resolve it. You can trust us to take care of the matter so you can relax and carry on with your day-to-day life.

Why choose Triangle Legal Services as your new build solicitor?

What sets us apart from other law firms is our expertise. As a team, there is no property matter we’ve not seen before, and we can deal with all types of transactions, regardless of complexity. We are used to dealing with high-profile law firms instructed by other parties and have the knowledge and technology to protect our client’s best interests and achieve results.

When purchasing a new-build property, we will proactively alert you to potential problems and meticulously work through the steps required to find solutions. You can trust that we have the legal knowledge and talent to move the transaction forward despite any obstacles.

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New Build Conveyancing FAQs

A new build is a property that has never been occupied. It is often part of a development that can consist of a handful of new homes or a ‘large-scale residential development’ that can be made up of over 100 houses.

You can buy a new build property once it is complete or ‘off-plan’, meaning construction has not yet begun.

Yes, using a conveyancer when purchasing a new-build property is strongly recommended. The conveyancing process for new builds can be more complex than that for existing homes, with additional checks and requirements.

Using a specialist new build conveyancer helps reduce the likelihood of risks and complications that can happen during these transactions.

New build solicitors typically need the following information and documents:

  • Insurance details for the new build, including any structural warranties or guarantees
  • Detailed structural information about the property, such as construction methods and materials used
  • Copies of all relevant planning permissions granted for the development
  • Confirmation that the property complies with building regulations and has obtained the necessary consent
  • Details of any covenants, restrictions or easements affecting the property
  • Lease agreement (if the property is leasehold)
  • Contract agreement and terms of sale from the developer
  • Official title deeds and Land Registry documents for the plot
  • Results of required searches (local authority, environmental, etc.)
  • Site plans and layout showing boundaries, roads, drainage, etc.
  • Certificates related to fire safety, asbestos, Japanese knotweed, etc.
  • Details of any management company or residents’ association involved
  • Copies of the NHBC Buildmark warranty or similar new home warranty

No, it is not advisable or practically possible to buy a property without conveyancing.

Without conveyancing, you risk:

  • Purchasing a property with legal issues or hidden problems
  • Not having proper legal ownership transferred to you
  • Potential disputes or complications in the future

While theoretically you could attempt to handle the legal aspects yourself, the complexity and risks involved make professional conveyancing essential for any property purchase.

For new build properties, the typical timeline from reservation to exchange of contracts is around 28 days. This is often a requirement set by developers to ensure a quick and efficient sales process. However, the actual time can vary depending on several factors:

  • The stage of construction of the property
  • Complexity of the transaction
  • Efficiency of all parties involved (solicitors, mortgage lenders, etc.)
  • Any issues uncovered during searches or legal checks

It’s important to note that while 28 days is the target, extensions can sometimes be negotiated if there are legitimate reasons for delay. Your conveyancer will work to meet the developer’s timeline while ensuring all necessary checks are completed thoroughly.

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