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Choose us for fast, affordable auction property conveyancing. We provide exceptional customer care with quick responses, making the process smooth and hassle-free.

At Triangle Legal Services, our property auction solicitors focus on making the process straightforward and efficient. We provide thorough support, from reviewing legal packs and conducting due diligence to guiding you through the bidding process and handling post-auction tasks.

Our expert legal advice, quick responses, and exceptional customer care ensure a seamless transaction, whether you are selling a property or bidding to buy. Trust us to protect your interests and create a smooth auction experience.

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What is auction property conveyancing?

Auction property conveyancing is the process of legally transferring a property that you buy or sell at auction. Because auction transactions have tight deadlines, it’s important to handle everything quickly and accurately.

Our auction conveyancing solicitors make this process easier by managing all the legal details for you, so you can focus on your new property.

We take care of everything from start to finish, making sure your auction property transaction is smooth and stress-free.

Why do I need an auction property solicitor?

Instructing an auction property solicitor is important for managing the unique and time-sensitive nature of auction transactions. Auction purchases require swift action and precise legal handling to meet strict deadlines and avoid potential pitfalls.

Our team at Triangle Legal Services provides specialist auction conveyancing so you can be confident that all legal details are handled smoothly and efficiently. With our expertise, you can focus on your new property without worrying about the complexities of the legal process.

Engaging a property leasehold solicitor, such as Triangle Legal Services, ensures that all aspects of the contract are thoroughly reviewed and that your rights are fully protected. This professional support can save you time, reduce stress, and potentially save money by avoiding common pitfalls.

Contact our auction property solicitors today to see how we can support you with buying or selling your property.
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Choosing an Auction Conveyancing Solicitor

Selecting the right auction conveyancing solicitor can significantly improve your property transaction experience. At Triangle Legal Services, we combine deep knowledge of auction processes with a commitment to clear communication and responsive service. Our expertise ensures that all legal aspects of your transaction are handled efficiently and effectively.

We offer fixed fee conveyancing, starting with our auction pack review at £350 + VAT. This transparent pricing helps you budget without unexpected costs. Additionally, we provide quotes on request to tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

The Conveyancing Process for Buying a Property at Auction

There are two types of auction methods: traditional and modern. In traditional auctions, the exchange happens immediately at the auction’s end, with a deposit due on the day. In modern auctions, you have 28 days to exchange contracts and pay the deposit, then another 28 days to complete. 

Regardless of the type, it’s advisable to hire an experienced auction solicitor early due to tight deadlines in auction conveyancing.

If you are not a seasoned auction buyer, we recommend reading our Top 10 Tips for Buying Property at Auction before heading to auction.

Pre-Auction: Review the Auction Legal Pack

Ahead of the auction, we encourage you to do your due diligence on the property you are interested in. This includes obtaining a copy of the auction legal pack from the auctioneer.

Important information about the auction property will be included in an auction pack, such as:

  • The sale contract
  • The title plan
  • The register of title
  • Conveyancing search results
  • Relevant protocol forms
  • Leaseholder pack or management pack (if relevant)


If you instruct us, we will conduct thorough legal checks and review the auction legal pack to identify any potential issues. This thorough examination ensures there are no hidden surprises. Our auction property solicitors will provide expert guidance on auction terms and conditions, helping you make well-informed decisions.


Within the Auction

At the auction house, we recommend you register with the auctioneer and set a maximum bid limit to avoid overbidding during heated moments. 

If your auction bid is successful, you must sign the contract and pay a deposit immediately. You are then legally bound to buy the property, so you must make sure you have the necessary funds ready. 

We offer clear advice on the bidding process and explain your obligations if you win. After the auction, we promptly secure your deposit and initiate the conveyancing process to meet all deadlines.



Once you exchange contracts, we handle the entire conveyancing process, typically completing it within 28 days. 

Our team conducts final property searches, reviews title deeds, manages fund transfers, and registers the property with the Land Registry. We emphasize the importance of timely communication, so notify us as soon as you win an auction. 

We draft and review contracts, conduct thorough searches, and ensure compliance with deadlines to minimize delays and complications.

The Conveyancing Process for Selling a Property at Auction


If you instruct Triangle Legal Services prior to the auction, our team will prepare a comprehensive legal pack, including title deeds, searches, contracts, and other essential documents. 

You will need to provide detailed property information for the auction catalogue, such as the address, description, guide price, and energy performance indicator. We ensure all legal details are accurate to prevent any liability for inaccuracies.


Within the Auction

On auction day, when the property is sold, the buyer will sign the contract and is required to pay a deposit, legally binding them to the purchase. This step secures the sale and sets the stage for the next phase of conveyancing.



After the auction, Triangle Legal Services will manage the remaining legal processes, including transferring funds and title deeds, typically within 28 days. 

We ensure the property is registered with the Land Registry in the buyer’s name and complete the sale. Our team handles all necessary tasks to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction.

Trust Triangle Legal Services for professional and efficient handling of your auction property sale.

Conveyancing Auction Properties FAQs

Before attending an auction, review the auction catalogue and legal packs for properties you’re interested in. Consulting with an auction conveyancing solicitor can provide valuable insights and identify any legal concerns.

Check out our helpful guide about what happens if your lease expires and what your options are.

Auction property conveyancing involves stricter timelines and requires quick decision-making. Our auction property solicitors handle these fast-paced transactions, efficiently covering all legal aspects.

Buying at auction can come with risks, such as undisclosed issues or legal complications. 

Our conveyancing auction properties service helps mitigate these risks through detailed legal checks and expert advice.

Due to auction deadlines, the auction conveyancing process typically moves faster than regular conveyancing. Our team works quickly to complete all necessary steps, often within 28 days of the auction.

  • Auction sales are ideal for a variety of property types, including:
  • Unusual properties that are difficult to value.
  • Properties requiring significant renovation work.
  • Properties sold via a mortgagee sale.
  • Tenanted properties, including those subject to tenants’ right of first refusal under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987.
  • Sellers with a mix of low—and medium-quality properties, where low reserves on poorer properties encourage bids on better ones.
  • Properties needing planning consent for their intended use.

These properties benefit from the fast-paced and competitive nature of auctions.

The seller’s solicitor creates an auction catalogue with details for each property, known as a ‘lot’. This includes the property address, description, energy performance rating, lease details, guide price, and the solicitor’s contact information.

If the catalogue has incorrect information, the seller might be liable for damages to the buyer. Therefore, it’s important to use an experienced solicitor for auction sales. 

At Triangle Legal Services, we ensure every detail in the documentation is accurate and thoroughly checked.

You’re legally bound to buy a property the moment the auctioneer’s hammer falls. That’s why it’s important to visit the property and get a full survey done before auction day. Also, have your solicitor review the legal pack from the seller, which includes details about the title and property searches.

If you change your mind after winning the bid, you’ll lose your 10% deposit and may have to pay auction fees. So, it’s best to be fully prepared before the auction.

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