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Demystifying Conveyancing Quotes: Exploring Internet-Based Options

Not all conveyancing quotes are the same


When it comes to buying or selling property, conveyancing plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and legally sound transaction.

As technology continues to revolutionise various industries, the legal profession is no exception. Today, numerous conveyancing firms provide online services, offering a convenient way for clients to obtain quotes and engage legal professionals. However, not all online conveyancing quotes are the same. In this blog, we will explore the different types of conveyancing quotes you may come across on the internet, focusing on the varying approaches of companies offering these quotes.

Online conveyancing quote providers fall into 6 categories:

  • Automated conveyancing quote providers
  • Price comparison sites
  • Introducer sites
  • Direct to Conveyancers
  • Hybrid quotes
  • Estate Agents

Automated Conveyancing Quote Providers

Several online platforms and companies offer automated conveyancing quotes. These platforms typically require users to input specific details about their property transaction, such as:

  • Property value
  • Location
  • Type of service required eg buying or selling

The algorithms within these platforms use these inputs to generate instant quotes based on predefined rates or average industry fees. While automated quotes are quick and easy to obtain, they may lack the personalized touch and detailed analysis required for complex transactions.

Price Comparison Websites

Conveyancing comparison websites have gained popularity in recent years.

These platforms aggregate quotes from various conveyancing firms, allowing users to compare prices and services side by side.

Users can filter the results based on location, budget, or specific requirements. Comparison websites offer a view of the market and provide a range of options. However, it is crucial to exercise caution when selecting a conveyancer solely based on price, as quality and expertise can vary among providers.

Most price comparison sites will offer you a limited number of quotes, often based on selected conveyancers that have signed up to that price comparison site. The conveyancers will typically pay a fee for their quote to be sent to you. Examples of price comparison conveyancing sites are:

Home Owners Alliance

Conveyancing Index

Conveyancer websites

Many conveyancers now have dedicated websites that offer online conveyancing quotes. These websites typically have a quote request form that asks for detailed information about the property transaction. Once the form is submitted, a solicitor or conveyancer from the firm reviews the details and provides a customized quote. This personalized approach ensures that the quote considers the unique aspects of the transaction and allows for direct communication with the legal professional. While these quotes may take a bit longer to receive, they often offer a higher level of expertise and tailored service. Most searches on the internet will give you a variety of conveyancers, some who have paid to appear at the top of the search, some local to your area, and some that have optimised their site for search engine optimisation.

Hybrid Models

Some conveyancing firms have adopted hybrid models that combine online convenience with personalized service. These firms may have an online platform for generating instant quotes, similar to automated quote providers. However, they also offer the option to speak directly with a conveyancer for a more detailed assessment and clarification of any queries. Hybrid models strive to strike a balance between efficiency and personal attention, providing clients with the best of both worlds.

Estate Agents and introducers

Estate agents and other introducers often have their own panel of solicitors that they work closely with. Often each sales agent will have a preferred solicitor because of their personal relationship with that solicitor. Often there is a referral fee involved as well.


Whatever you choose, remember:

  • Speak to a few conveyancers, build your own relationships
  • Be sure of what you want, do you need to move quickly, do you have a deadline, are you buying to let etc.
  • This is a stressful time so make sure your conveyancer can deliver on time, accurately and with great communication.
  • If your transaction is out of the ordinary, for example an auction purchase, then look for a specialist in that area.
  • Check their reviews

The internet has transformed the conveyancing landscape, offering a variety of options to obtain quotes conveniently. Whether you choose an automated quote provider, a comparison website, a solicitor’s website, or a hybrid model, it’s important to consider your specific needs and the complexity of your transaction.

Remember, while affordability is a crucial factor, it should not be the sole determinant in selecting a conveyancer. Look for reputable firms with a track record of delivering quality service and expertise. By doing so, you can ensure a seamless and stress-free property transaction experience.