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Buying and selling a business

Working with our clients to complete their legal journey

Purchasing a property based business can be a thrilling but apprehensive experience.

Sellers can find themselves at an emotional crux – the goodwill and success they have worked so hard for is passing to a new owner.  Whether you are buying or selling a corner shop, hair salon or garage, our commercial property team can assist you in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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Taking care of the whole affair

Purchasing a property-based business involves more than just commercial property law.  Buyers need to be aware of employment law matters such as TUPE obligations if there are pre-existing staff, commercial contract matters to manage between suppliers and T&Cs for customers.

By engaging Hodders Law to advise you on the purchase of a property-based business, you will find a friendly, one-stop legal shop.  We will collaborate with you over the life-span of your business, providing a knowledgeable source of advice and support when legal matters arise.

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Making a quick sale

For most people selling their business, the priorities are getting a good price and a good buyer, fast.  We have been selling property-based businesses in London for nearly 150 years.  We have built up relationships with valuers and agents who can assist you with finding a serious buyer, prepared to pay the price you desire.

Our commercial property team, led by Sherine Silva are smart, quick and practical, ensuring any challenges that crop-up whilst the sale of your business is going through, are dealt with effectively.

By engaging Hodders Law to manage the legal aspects related to the sale and/or purchase of a property based business, you can be confident of a smooth transition to the next stage of your career.

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